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A spiritual journey: a 7 month journey experiencing 7 energetic encounters with 7 (amazing) women
MA 24 januari | 09.30-14.00 uur | Heemstede/haarlem

Monday morning: February 28th, March 21st, April 11th, May 9th, May 30th, June 20th
75,00 | Your intention will be to take part of the whole journey of 7 sessions. After the first session you

After successful sessions in Dutch, I now give the English speaking women the opportunity to experience this spiritual journey. What I bring is valuable, will give you joy, a deeper connection with yourself and the other women. I hope to meet you!

In this journey we will experience 7 energetic encounters with a maximum of 7 women. These sessions always have you as a starting point. From there you will meet other people and also angels, nature, music and your higher self. Because everything is energy! We will experience, play, feel, share and enjoy! It’s about feeling yourself and the energies around you.

Every session includes:

  • Knowledge transfer about energy, frequencies, souls, guides, etc.
  • Meditations and visualizations.
  • Practical tools and assignments.
  • Sharing and learning from each other.
  • Channeling about what is importantthat moment.

A small glimpse of what you will encounter:

  • Guides & Angels: we will connect with our guides and angels after which we will give them a tangible form.
  • Magic: do you know the magic of your physical body as a pendulum?
  • Nature & Animals: tuning into nature, making a poem and of course I will bring my drum.
  • Music: we will make connections through different forms of music and dance.
  • Higher self: chakras, activations, increasing frequency. It’s all covered.
  • The other person in you: where do you see, feel, hear the other person in yourself? And what does the “Hakka” have to do with that?
  • Party: we build a party in which all practices coincide.

Are you inspired to openly and curiously enter into these sessions? To be surprised, to receive and to share? Please contact me by email (pay attention to your spam) or call me.


Heemstede and at least one session in nature.
Johannes Verhulstlaan 25 (entrance around the corner at Van Breelaan).
2102 XS Heemstede/haarlem

Krista Filius
info AT kristafilius DOT nl

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Bewust Haarlem
Bewust Haarlem

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