Oasis - Center for Embodied Wellness

 Collaborative Motion | Skylar Haven, Msc

Hidden away in Haarlem North, the Oasis offers a peaceful, private and spacious place for one-on-one sessions, workshops and small classes. 

The Oasis is a spacious 45m2 room with plenty of natural light from the 3 skylights and large glass door, as well as customizable Phillips lighting. In addition, the space is equipped with wifi and Sonos speakers. There is a new ventilation system that ensures filtered air for up to 15 people and a bathroom with a shower. 

There are a variety of yoga props, meditation cushions and blankets available for use, as well as a massage table or shiatsu futon upon request. 

Coffee and tea are readily available and there is also the possibility of arranging snacks and/or lunches for full-day events. 

  • The Oasis is easily accessible by public transportation, bike and car. There is also plenty of free street parking in the area. 
  • The Oasis can be rented on a part-day or full-day basis. There is also the possibility of renting the space for a one-time event or on a consistent basis. Email us for more information. 
  • Rates by day part or whole day. Discounts available via strippenkaart approach.

For 1 on 1 use

  • 45 / day part (4hrs)
  • 60 / day 

For groups

  • 75 / day part (4hrs)
  • 90 / day 

Strippenkaart: Strippenkaart lets you pre-purchase 5 days or day partsa 10% discount.

For custom quotes or additional services, feel free to email.

Over Skylar Haven, Msc

Hi, my name is Skylar and my passion is to support people in thriving - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Embodiment is central to the work I do. Our bodies are critical to the way we think, feel and act in the world. I aim to help people experience their body as a source of wisdom and find ways to harness that wisdom in their life, health, relationships and work.

I do this through coaching, massage and education. I hold space for them in their healing journeys and support them in finding greater pleasure and personal power in life.

  • I work 1 on 1, with groups and in organisations. I love partnering with other facilitators, therapists and projects when there is sufficient values alignment to support successful partnership.

My background includes 20+ yrs of coaching, facilitation and bodywork and extensive training and certifications in somatic coaching, massage, yoga therapy, sexological bodywork and therapeutic and trauma-informed uses of yoga, mindfulness and compassion for physical and mental health. 

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