Yoga Therapie / Yoga Therapy - LGBTQIA+ and Internationals warmly welcomed

Yoga therapy is the professional application of yoga based practices to address a wide variety of health and wellness topics. It can be successfully offered online or in person. 

As a yoga therapist, I combine over 1000+ hours in physiology, kinesiology, illness, wellness, and trauma informed practice and the therapeutic application of yoga based pratices with my experience as a mindfulness and compassion trainer and 20+ years experience coaching to support your wellness.

Yoga Therapy can offer:

✔️ Reduced stress

✔️ Relief from symptoms such as pain, sleep problems, stress, low energy, etc

✔️ Increases in health and wellness

✔️ Inner balance and ease even when facing challenging circumstances; including those involving the body.

✔️ More comfortable embodiment

What to expect with Yoga Therapy

In an initial assessment we will get to know each other, your goals, symptoms and current challenges. We will lookwhat is currently affecting wellbeing and health or causing physical / emotional pain and discomfort. 

Treatment will be tailored to you in collaboration with you. It may include therapeutic movement, mindfulness, breathwork, coaching, relaxation, yoga nidra, sound, creativity/art, essential oils and more. These tools may be used to support:

  • addressing muscular imbalances as well as those in movement or breathing patterns,
  • increasing functional strength and range of motion
  • working with thoughts or beliefs,  
  • lifestyle recommendations, 
  • stress management
  • relaxation therapy
  • incorporating useful aspects of a mindfulness and yoga that works for you

More information about yoga therapy & queer yoga therapy on our site & blog.

Over Skylar Haven

Hi, my name is Skylar and my passion is to support people in thriving - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

I have an international background, identify as queer and non-binary (pronouns they/them) and have 20+ yrs of professional experience focused on leadership, learning and development, coaching, health and wellbeing for companies including Starbucks, Funda, Treatwell, Irdeto and the Naspers Group.

My own experiences navigating burnout, anxiety and life in high-pressure organisations with little support fuelled a passion for the topic of wellbeing and supporting the wellbeing of others as they navigate the pressures and complexities of life. 

In my work I blend modern science and wisdom traditions; combining traditional coaching, embodiment coaching (aka somatic coaching), yoga therapy, mindfulness and compassion to provide a holistic approach to care that is pragmatic, tailored and engages the body and the mind (otherwise known as the bodymind). 

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