Free Your Soul, Body and Sexuality
ZO 22 april | 14.00-17.00 uur | Lochem

22 april 2018 t/m 05 mei 2018
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"Does your past have limiting impacts on you today? And please do not answer: yes and well, that is true for everybody. It is not! Are you the best YOU, you aspire and desire to be? Is your sexuality and creativity as free as you KNOW it can be? And most importantly: are you, in the world, who you truly are?" - Sabina Tschudi

This is NOT a trendy quick fix, it is a deeply transformative process that only(!) takes two weeks of your time. The ancient Full Body De-Armoring is a powerful and reliable way to step out of unconscious conditioning into conscious choices.

You will heal from the wounds resulting from living under tension and stress. Each day, a piece of limitation falls away. You will open up to yourself more deeply, and to the joy and pleasure of being alive. You become healthier and more relaxed, as the soul is released from its shadows.

This 'ones-in-a-lifetime' retreat is guided by Sabina Tschudi, CrystalCaveDreamer and Johannes Schröder, StarLightCarrier, both teachers of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, an ancient Shamanic Mystery School of Turtle Island (The Americas).

They live in Switzerland and have over 20 years of experience with this sacred, ceremonial, freedom work.
They have both conducted numerous retreats in Germany, Switzerland, England and USA, working with the teachings of both Spiritual Sexuality (Quodoushka), Body De-Armoring and Resculpting.

"Only when we are expansive and relaxed, can we truly open our hearts and participate in life fully."

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info AT wilkazelders DOT com

Centrum Athanor, Hooislagen 9, Lochem

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