Soulful Business Mentoring & Consulting for High Achieving Entrepreneurs

Feline Beuming is the Soulful Business Mentor behind: Entrepreneurial souls, colorful creators and inspirational speakers.

Hey you beauitful soul! My name is Feline and I am here to assist you in growing your social & colorful brand; both online and offline. I Work with highly creative minds; high achieving entrepreneurs like you, ready to shape their own soul-story into;

  • Putting health first
  • Monetizing your colors
  • Attracting clients that answer your souls calling

Ready to finally start believing that: What You Have Always Wanted Or Dreamed Of Is There For You Waiting To Be Picked Up?

If you are looking for; clairity, speaking gigs on stages, solving your limiting beliefs, getting more clients quickly, sharing your important message, laser-focus on your dream instead of someone elses, a firm belief in yourself, growth in your leadershipskills, PR strategies, a warm community with like minded souls and online marketing strategies that are still soulfull... I am your partner!

More information via e-mail or mobile phone; feel free to contact me!

Over Feline Beuming

A little more about Feline:
Feline is an International speaker and has spoken on stages to over 1.200 people. As a Soulful businessmentor, trainer, multiple business owner and author of her upcoming book, she has helped many high achieving entrepreneurs maximize their income quickly while healing their blockages. She is a holistic health lover, a therapist, is an energy healer herself and has coached and guided over 1000 parents, kids & entrepreneurs for over 16 years in healing trauma. She clears mental blockages and helps you to create financial freedom.

She believes that everyone has a colorful soul story, curious to find out what is yours? Find  it out on my website. 

Feline Beuming
Feline Beuming

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